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Girls are supposed to be sex.

I don’t want to make boys laugh.
I want to make boys cum.

The ONLY reason I went to my 8AM math class was to talk to the cute boy that sits beside me.
He wasn’t there.
So I didn’t get to talk to him and I actually had to take good notes and not doodle pictures of me dying so he can look at them Thursday.

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me liking your selfie could either mean “that’s a nice picture friend” or “i want to bend you over a table” but you’ll never know


"gays will push their sexuality onto their children"

funny because that’s exactly what every straight person does.

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just a small town girl. Living in a racist, insensitive, sexist, homophobic world,

(cant take the midnight train ‘cause im fuckin scared)

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I forgot what a hangover feels like.
Just another reason smoking is better than drinking.

The girls next to me are talking about a boys twitter. Meanwhile, I’m writing sensuous poetry about popcorn.


will u still snapchat me when i am no longer young and beautiful